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Lathe Competition
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Wednesday, January 03, 2018
1st Period Winners
1st Period Winners
Forty-four students in Mr. Jeff Hinshaw's first-year machining class participated in a local lathe competition. The task for each student included machining a part to print and holding the closest tolerance.
Each student machined six different dimensions and operations on a part. Students had to read the print, decide on the operation they should use to machine the part, and finally, decide on what order to machine the part. Students used precision measuring tools to take each measurement and match to meet print dimensions. Students then totaled all dimensions to calculate their total score for the part.
Winners were as follows:
1st period
  *1st place  Clinton Ferrell
  *1st place  Austin Thornton
  *2nd place Jared Martinez
  *2nd place Michael Sherrill
6th period
  *1st place Wyatt Akers 
  *1st place Daniel Anderson
  *2nd place Michael Pritchett
  *2nd place Cameron Carter
6th Period Winners of Lathe Competition
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