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Healthy School Team

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"You're in the Zone!"

Welcome to the Healthy School Team Webpage!


Increase the school population’s awareness of the dangers of using tobacco 


Provide information and resources to aid those who want to stop using tobacco

Provide information and resources regarding the negative, health effects of tobacco 




Take the Pledge.  Get Support.  Join Others!

For Families (free car magnet or backpack pin)   

Text your "I Quit"



Why should I quit?  What are the benefits?

Health Benefits 20 minutes After Quitting:                                                                                                                  

Know Some of the Related Diseases

How much money will I save?   Tobacco Savings Calculator:











    Big Tobacco Industries Lie! They ARE targeting YOU!   

Are you a replacement smoker?




Be Supportive! Send an E-Card to Someone Who Has Pledged to Quit.



    Nicotine is Addictive!




Myth #1: "If tobacco products were harmful, companies wouldn't be allowed to make or sell them."  

Learn how quickly nicotine's effect can make you an addict.,,20210696,00.html

20 minutes After Quitting




Myth #2: "Secondhand Smoke doesn't affect the people in my car if I roll down the window."  

Learn just how dangerous secondhand smoke is.






Myth #3: Chewing tobacco is safer than cigarettes."

Get the facts about the dangers of chewing tobacco.


Myth #5:  "Tobacco products aren't harmful to the environment."

Learn how tobacco products pollute and damage the earth.

Tobacco is a Pollutant!





Myth #6:  "Tobacco products only contain nicotine and tobacco."

Read about the over 400 chemicals added to tobacco products.


Watch the Video of a Previous Smoker:









Puckering Up to Poison?


Myth #7:Tobacco use affects males and females in the same way.

Know the facts.  Tobacco use affects females differently than males.


Watch the Video of a Previous Smoker and Hear Her Message


Be Part of a Summer Quit Program:                                                                                                                            




                                          Be a Leader! Make a Difference!