CHS Students Participate in Weld Competition

Welding Competition

CHS students participated in a Weld competition in Pulaski last week. There was a total of 19 high schools and 15 counties in attendance at the TCAT welding Competition. The competition had 76 competitors present, with only 3 categories (SMAW- 2 competitors from each school only, GTAW - 1 competitor from each school only, GMAW - 2 competitors from each school only)  Each category had 1st thru 3rd place . CHS placed in 2 categories  with a 3rd place in SMAW (Connor Shemwell) and a 3rd place in GTAW (Zack Bush).  Thanks to our students who represented CCCHS with pride! 


Devin Nolan 
Jose Rosales
Bryce Cole 
Zack Bush 
Connor Shemwell 
Welding Competition